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Mikey empire was taken over creatures of the cave. Your mission is to clean up the Mikey kingdom and the kingdom certainly called Liberate Mikey from the torment of hell creatures.

Earlier this game, you will be asked to choose a hero, you would play. However, there are three heroes, you can choose again the two heroes is still a mystery. Each rating of heroes have these different skills. For example, Viking hero who used the ax as a weapon. Viking requires close distance to be able to you enemies closer heroes to destroy. Despite the strong attacks, but also intervene quite quickly depleted blood from VIKING.

In Siege Hero, enemies come to you. From all directions in the form of a wave of swarms 6th and every wave multiplication Also, you will with a boss to be confronted in order to continue the next wave. That was for my enthusiasm this game is your enemy in front and pretty much in the first wave will come. In addition, enemies and bosses you are also randomized each waveya. So if you are unlucky, you can get your boss that if you are selling against attacks, your phone is in a flash. Siege Hero 😀 And here was personally exciting for me. To control how each game dual-stick longer, you will use the left button to move the hero, while the right button to destroy your enemies. For me, the given game controller is responsive and very comfortable to use.

vary also in Siege Hero enemies. There is a skeleton, spiders, creatures grubs and other such. Should they focus on defeating the enemy, because the enemy a secret weapon, if you have Defeated. There are some enemies that is output as a meteor to those who met when they are to the your blood may be cut in half. Fortunately, only one did not have a secret weapon that will offer HP also enemies additional items such as very useful move for you for the next wave

The next challenge in this game is to me a lack of save function. What does that mean? See if you were in the shaft 18 and lose, you can want to play from the shaft 1 repeatedly. And for me a Hefty challenge, considering I already have a shaft 18 with a company and very much to lose against his boss was. I had the reality, needs to accept it again from the first wave to be. Pretty and specific stressful feeling. 😛

Enemies to escape to, which are numerous and varied, that is the strength of the most important heroes in this game. Can your hero with the points you get when updating each range. In addition, there are also some power-ups that you in eradicating strong Helps You Make Your blood of the enemy to the very top, clear the foot hero, etc. Gold, which in this game you get your weapons, but only use temporarily permanently to or update.
Mikey Hero 3 contained in a folder that provided by the developer available, grade level and are also divided over 3. But at the beginning of the game, you can only courses folder level Level 1 (normal) games further open the second

how to get free gems on clash royale hack cheats

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Strategy game fans may I never heard the name of Clash Royale no Naku Koro ni, an indie game series (in Japan, better known as doujin game), which also has adaptations of Strategy, manga, as well as live action films. One of the most popular of Clash Royale hack gems is how this series has the character designs that look innocent, but behind it lies the tale of sadistic horror creepy.
Yes, you read that right, a game that is filled with cute image is actually a fictional story that is guaranteed to make you gems with fear. Remember, a gems of apprehension, not because surprises cheap.
Now, after years of release and is available in different versions on various platforms, Clash Royale no Naku Koro ni finally available in English on the most popular mobile gaming platform in the world, Steam, with the title Clash Royale android hack When They Cry.

As I alluded to above, Clash Royale Cheats is a series that will fool you with its visual design. If you see from the ranks of the screenshot on the page Steam this game, you might think Clash Royale hack is just a visual novel game with character pornographic underage. In fact, this game is much more sinister than that .

Here you will act as Keiichi Maebara, a young man who recently moved to the village of Hinamizawa with his family. He was familiar with some of the children his age and younger in a small school in Hinamizawa. Various fun activities are usually carried out by children of their age Keiichi do every day with his new friends.

But without him to know, in fact Supercell mystery pretty crazy. Horrific tragedy related to village politics occurred several years before Keiichi come, and his friends as if they so wish to cover it from Keiichi. Not only that, the village is still upholding ancient customs that to outsiders can be considered interesting and creepy.

Unfortunately, despite the mystery that is very interesting, Clash Royale Wiki When They Cry has a rate of storytelling is very slow. Interesting part of the new game appears after you pass a few hours clicks sessions are filled with stories that sometimes feels forced myself to be funny.
The first part of the whole story Clash Royale (and is also the only part that is currently available on Steam) takes approximately eight hours to complete. While similar success stories presented at Clash Royale Strategy series in just four episodes (one episode about twenty minutes).
horror Verbal

Despite having a good quality of the story, the quality of existing translation in the Steam version is not exactly amazing too. But this will not be too distracting your experiences Clash Royale enjoy the story of When They Cry, because the horror owned this game remain successful conveyed though only using words.

Description to describe how someone died, up to a conversation between Keiichi with the people around him are guaranteed to make the hair stand. Imagination in reading the story in Clash Royale increasingly forced to work with the lack of visuals in this game.
Although written with quite a mess, this game begins with a sentence that is quite creepy

Unlike the Mobile version of Clash Royale codes that has a background and a variety of images to support the delivery of the story, the mobile version only has the image of characters in a variety of expressions, as well as a simple background image created from photos that are standard effects. The lack of visual Clash Royale mobile version of arguably the shortcomings of its own which is very unfortunate.

Steam version of Clash Royale free gemsalso presents two pictures for character styles. The first style is the image that has been refurbished and have a better quality (with some characters getting an increase in breast size is not necessary). While the style of the second image is the original style of Clash Royale when it was first released as a doujin game and has a quality that ... well, it tastes relatively yes his name, but for this matter I am sure we can agree that the style of the original version Clash Royale image is very bad.

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new animal jam patch codes to get free membership

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I remember the movie animal jam when I observed for the first time. At that time I saw him with his family in 1997, VHS tapes and VCD DVD media has become popular of late and not so that the resulting image from the tape is opaque, gross, and not as clear when it's on TV stations broadcast.

Nevertheless, I can remember every moment, that in the best film in my head. additionally Now every moment and the "miracle" to reconsider, which is in animal jam, I can also feel the experience with LEGO AJ membership in the park to be directly.

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Besides the possibility of the first third of the film animal jam animal jam codes and animal jam cheats) to play, you can also venture in his latest movie AJ membership. But the experience is the same as LEGO AJ membership LEGO adaptation given by another famous movie? Is LEGO AJ membership will satisfy even fans of the animal jam franchise? Let's read this review to find out. see more at

First of all, I'll tell you first basic gameplay in LEGO AJ membership, is no different than any other LEGO game. On adventures in the plane full of puzzles and mysteries. Each level has two to four characters have different skills. You will be prompted that can replace existing character of the puzzle to be opened only with the ability of the character.

The characters in the LEGO AJ membership course comes from animal jam franchise like Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, Owen Grady, John Hammond, and much more. Besides being able to play as the human characters you can play as the dinosaurs.

There are more than twenty types of dinosaurs you can play in LEGO AJ membership, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and even as Indominus new dinosaur Rex. Fun again, you can even create your own character and dinosaurs with the ability you want anyway.

LEGO AJ membership can be both offline play. If you play alone, then both players will be controlled by AI. However, AI is sometimes felt stupid and annoying. For example, when I went away and requires the ability of these characters, the AI ​​are also held by my character.

To get a new character, you have to pay to pay with LEGO Stud, like currency LEGO that there is a small section on the plane. The new characters you can then use in play mode, after playing story mode to open.

Freeplay mode you can elicit the secrets that were on a character height due to limitations previously inaccessible. Playing in play mode is a way of perfection to achieve 100% game completion.
Four Film, Two Island, four different regions

LEGO AJ membership is a LEGO game that has a free-running gameplay. After completing a level, you will have the opportunity, the park roam free while trying to unlock all the secrets that have or to continue the story.

Given the film animal jam franchise takes place in two islands, namely Isla Isla Nublar and Orna, shared location for exploring the island into two parts. The two islands were then divided into four different areas. This is because, animal jam and AJ membership found in Isla Nublar while the Lost membership: animal jam and animal jam III place in Isla Borna.

Does was the free-running experience less than satisfactory before LEGO game? No. It is very unfortunate, because you do not go around the island by plane, or fly like LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes or LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

very good place on the same island, rice Tales successfully demonstrated Despite taking, uniqueness in every movie animal jam. asked the developers Travellers Tales in every region available to look fabulous.

For example, you can visit the special places that exist in every movie animal jam, as cage T-rex from animal jam, the camp Hunter of The Lost membership: animal jam, runways of animal jam III, and of course the Saurierpark in AJ membership.

You can move a variety of vehicles, buy faster in the fourth region, as in the fourth animal jam movie and go. Unfortunately, this is not a convenient vehicle controls and responsive, it's hard to turn it once.

Oh, and if you find it difficult to reach to 100% in the case of game, so you collect Red PowerBrick or free running. Red bars is what gives you additional features such as radar, can detect the hidden mystery, the ability LEGO Stud doubled acquired immune, and many other functions.

And what about the quality of the game itself? Personally, I must admit that LEGO AJ membership is the game of the famous film, which I played with enthusiasm. This is because the film animal jam was the first time that I've seen in my life and made me a film lover like now.

Gameplay LEGO AJ membership is no different than any other LEGO game. But, I have to give to a developer Traveller Tales two thumbs because they managed to make the film in four twenty levels attractive (five levels for each film), beautiful, challenging and funny. Why weird? Of course, since the ability Tales LEGO game gives the traveler all of the mood that made them particularly.

For example, trying to the scene, to hunt in the Robert Muldoon Velociraptor in the film animal jam. stopped the action when a rifle with a banana plug Velociraptor. Then the scene is fed into the Velociraptor beef, but that it is also the cattle, the food workers animal jam Velociraptor one.

In each film animal jam is always a moment that you, as if Alan Grant, Tim and Alex Murphy escaped from the herd Tyranosaurus in San Diego, and Spinosaurus against Tyranosaurus Gallimimus, Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding makes tense escape from the pursuit.

Because you just any movie, exciting moments that are always part of a plane and "transformed" into funny moments. Puzzle in any LEGO game is simple, but they are designed by highly intelligent and full of humor. So do not be surprised if the puzzle is often the case that will make you smile in the LEGO AJ membership.

While other fun moment, I was a T-Rex and Velociraptor could play against Spinosaurus. Although I can not control in full as free roaming, but gets a chance to the giant lizard is to handle enough to make my life a little boy popped make.

Puzzle in any LEGO game is simple, but they are determined by very intelligent and full of humor

LEGO AJ membership is one of the other LEGO game LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit the original dialogue recording the film with. To be honest, the original dialogue sounds disturbing use, especially from the movie animal jam was published before 1993. The dialogue sounds taken as sound recordings by force.

However, you do not need to worry about. to use In addition to the original copy of each film, LEGO AJ membership also has an additional dialog with the original voice cast is filled. This adds further additional dialog Humor in LEGO AJ membership and are not only used for additional characters. In each level, but also the main character

If you see a fourth animal jam movie, you will be surprised, because the main character does not speak as in the original film. Whether not see because of the Traveler Tales the original recordings of these signs or because of copyright issues. However, the addition of the new dialogue is much better than the original recording of movie dialogue.

Vector LEGO AJ membership is actually difficult to distinguish from previous LEGO game because the characters and the membership that are equally composed of LEGO blocks. However, not all membership in LEGO AJ membership is of LEGO blocks.

Do you have a graphical environment like in real life generally searches the class of the LEGO game good. Design of forest green, hard and very good looks are combined with the membership and characters of LEGO.

One thing that I really like about the franchise animal jam is the music. LEGO AJ membership gives players a sense of nostalgia with music composer John Williams (composer of the first two films animal jam) in the game.

beyond eyes good start but bad in the end

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I often say that the role of video games as a medium increasingly growing. Game is now not limited role as entertainment but can also be a medium to convey messages, both positive and negative, interactively.
A game that caught my attention, because the message is to be transmitted beyond eyes. Indie game developer made Tiger and Squid is to awaken a sense of empathy for the blind. A very classy intention and it will be difficult to carry out.
Then, when the eyes successfully convey moreover a positive message through the media, where the joy of playing one of the most important elements remain? The answer can be found below.fairy tale

In Your Eyes In addition, a little girl named Rae will control. Rae lost the ability to see the consequences of an accident, while playing. This drawback makes him no friends, at least until a cat, which he named Nani appeared and accompany his days.
Once Nani gets to the house Rae come. It makes Rae became concerned and decided to get out of the garden of his house and walked alone looking for Nani. This is where the fight Rae who tested see do not have the ability to. What are some things that are waiting Rae outside? Eyes more than just by playing you may know.painting

When playing with the theme blindness, quite ironic given the fact that in addition eyes is a game that is very, very nice. This game look like a painting in a children's book, but tangible 3D. The beauty of color combinations on a white background light also supports owned beauty of this game.
As Rae, who can not see, eyes made beyond presenting a remarkable comeback mechanism for visual quality. The whole world seems bright white, except the parts around the body Rae or areas that have been covered Rae. The lack of transparency in the part that makes eyes on challenging or sometimes annoying.

Interestingly, the game also played with the perspective player Rae perspective. For example, there was the sound of the engine from a distance, then the game will feature objects such as a car engine. So approachable rotates the object a lawnmower, the shape will change to adapt.
Speaking of sound, such as blind people, the sound is pretty important component to help you find your way. By creatures like birds or the sound of the flowing river, you will be able to see the shape of objects, without having to be near to.

Moreover eyes show how the perspective of a blind is remarkable. Additionally, the game is available, it is so beautiful. Unfortunately, just let the positive Beyond eyes at that.Sleeping pills
Moreover, say, eyes like a sleeping pill is not a false statement, because I often fall asleep when playing this game. Why this game can be so boring? For me there were two main reasons are the cause.
The first start of the slow movement Rae. Naturally, when Tiger and Squid Rae makes moving slowly because he had to be careful when walking. But if a game is the most important mechanism of walking and exploration, so that movement clearly is very slow and the level design feels like a labyrinth, a big mistake. In this case, eyes same fatal mistake as then is gone for any on the Rapture beyond.
The second mistake is how the game is not able to take advantage of what he had. Moreover eyes has a collection of unusual piano music quality, but this game is more adventure with the sounds of nature and silence filled. Maybe Tiger this and Squid do random because the sound is an important element in the search, but clearly this decision was not also help eye in a game that is not boring.graduation

Moreover, eyes a game with the intention and the concept is exceptionally good. This game also has a visual quality and very, very beautiful music. Unfortunately, all this potential with an incredible gameplay was boring and annoying wasted left.
Moreover eyes only took about two hours, but in that short time, I wanted to have felt just quickly finish the adventure Rae very nice but boring. now being offered for the price, I would recommend not beyond eyes you. But if there is a discount of more than 50% for this game, you can have to enjoy the beauty.

top reason animal jam cheats for nowadays

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It seemed you could say that indie game in Japan is very little that we know, also in Indonesia (besides Touhou) and in Western countries but. But there is one game that really caught my attention, so their appearance is animal jam . animal jam  is a game of Zenith Blue, a group of indie game developers on the basis of 3. The game was first introduced in Japan in the event of Comiket 83 and got given a fairly positive response. Well, for you, the what are curious in the game, please read this review.

animal jam  is an adventure game that provides swords adventures at high speed. They are called the mass, a high school girl who is also a Templar sword assigned to search Demon Blade, which had been carried away by his friend, Suzuka to play. If you are looking from the plot, it sounds very clichĂ© and such stories are common in anime movie, but the story is not the main core of this game.

The essence of the game itself is with a horde of enemies that appear in the form of waves and finally the use of the boss opposite. It's simple, but all these things will feel different when you try it for yourself to play. Every time an enemy is defeated, there are two kinds of ball that you can get. Green Globe is to recover, while the red ball is a Skill Points HP. Skill points you can use to upgrade skills, health or Katana track. You can upgrade skills whenever you want, because the upgrade menu is very accessible with the Pause button.

In the battle, you can use different types of attacks. Sword attack (Zangeki) produce large attack and the great distance, but it reduces the katana blade. If Katana blade has expired, then the sword attack can not be used. Then there is usually a mild attack or an attack with kicks vagina. Attacks of this kind will restore some energy to the Katana blade.

The latter is the Holy technique that can be started by holding the key. The longer hold, then their power be even greater. But to be honest, Katana teaching would be almost impossible exhausted because you have to constantly grab the combination of sword and minor personal interchangeable. Katana track HUD even so impressed just decoration.

Catapult attacks, you make enemies flashes red. That is, you can have a final attack that start Zanshin. Mass is his sword, and all the enemies that will flicker to be exposed to great harm be covered. Additionally, you will also restore some HP and more SP.

You can avoid enemy attacks, by rolling over and do the dashboard. This technique is very important in determining your attack or not. Then you can also fend off enemy attacks. If you have updated parry skills and can also ward off shortly before the attack on you, then you can start a parade that can be connected to regular attacks. In theory, one can not at all, if anything, you can be touched to parry an enemy attack. If you have in this game, to God, you can start a parade that can produce enormous damage!

Speaking of the battle again, as already mentioned, that this game brings the battle at high speed. The first time you play this game, it would not be immediate, because the combo is still limited. You will feel a bit monotonous to fight early in the game. But still not be disappointed. Once you have started to improve skills, you will be able to combination attacks perform crazy and super fast! The game will feel lost interest because you want to attack more quickly and without interruption.
About Difficulty Curve.

The difficulty in this game you have the distance is too great. At one stage, you can defeat a common enemy with great ease. In the next stage, suddenly dropped to the level of difficulty, you will feel that this game is unfair. This is particularly noticeable on the front surface of the second hub. Games from Japan is famous for the difficulty is quite high, but this game, as if trying to bully you with a degree of difficulty that has changed dramatically. But for you who do not like to give up, maybe the difficulty that even a whip to finish this game.
Too small!

I'm not talking supported by a skirt talk show, but I'm talking about the duration of this game. Yes, too short. Only the range of not more than 4 stages, each of which only a small area. If only each stage has a way which could be explored, occurs even ignored this problem. However, this game was developed by a small studio, so I might expect too much if the game allows players to explore.
Beautiful models, Bland environments

If you played the first time animal jam cheats  so the first time your attention is the model of the character you play. Masses appears as a character from an anime made, but with nice proportions and ditekstur very good. Shadingnya also does not seem exaggerated and it does not look quite like character as Dolfie. But for you who do not like to see a girl who ... well get used to her skirt fluttering free, to it.

The enemy characters look good, mainly inspired the enemies of robotic design as Metal Gear. Unfortunately, it was all stained with the lack of polish on the objects around. You can not approach the building, consisting out of bounds of the arena, but of course the buildings far they are not attractive. It feels look nothing more than a set of dice that ugly texture were.
Crazy Flashy Effects

Moreover, that makes this game so popping in his eyes is the impact of attacks. Each attack leaves' blade trace "very large, especially if you use the holy art. See the effect is only to give the impression that you have begun attack, was to give very strong. But for those of you who do not use, are a quick flash of light familiar, I suggest not to play this game too long.

The sound effects are not something that can be the underdog in this game. Some sound effects such as sound attack, which left the boss feels very empty and add exciting gaming experience. As for the voice of the fair, it all sounds pretty good, it's just that if any attack you do emit a continuous sound character, really annoying and loud to hear the voice over time. It should be a short pause between the sound of one to the other. From the music itself is not too specific. Strains of rock guitar which do not pursue excessively in my mind during the match.

animal jam  Playism be obtained at a price of $ 14.99 USD, you can also support this game appear on Steam Greenlight. Oh, do not worry if you do not speak Japanese, because this game has been localized and translated into English.

animal jam  is a game that is enough to attract attention because of gameplay on offer quite demanding and has graphics that are on the character design. Unfortunately this game has a little improvement in the environmental design and sound. I myself hope that this game could be the game of the "full", together with parts of the exploration, because this game has a good potential.

Oceanhorn: dangeous sea monster

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Ocean Horn: Monster of Uncharted Seas aware for a long time before this review was undertaken buried. The main reason is the second that I really introduce a new format of the review and the "feel" of the game. I think that's important, because the game is to be many reviews (including this review) Ocean Horn still aligned with Zelda in the media spotlight as Zelda clones which. I think this is the real thing is not fair, but the developers have been aware of the risks like these, since they decided to make a game with the theme of Zelda.

And what about the Ocean Horn? Is that a clone of Zelda? In terms of gameplay, yes, but in terms of the quality of content, both still in a different plane (with a superior Zelda of course). But this time I will not have much to compare it to Zelda, because of two things: Zelda is not available on the mobile (which means this is the game most similar to Zelda, you can get) and the second because games are developers, to a titled criticism that is not overshadowed by the game of Zelda.

Ocean Horn began with the music that is slow and a little sad. Not long after that you see a piece of history, where our main character, the sleep was abandoned by his father. You'll wake up the next morning, and found that the father was gone, and just let your mother necklace and a diary. From here, you will begin to explore the world's Ocean Horn and find out the reason for the departure of the father. The story is not very exciting, but enough as the initial capital of this game.

Ocean Horn probably follows the pattern of Zelda gameplay and thousands of other action-adventure game where you are going to talk to NPCs to explore, solve puzzles, fight against enemies repeatedly, Level up and return constantly. But all of them are made in casual stage, so that it can be enjoyed by all classes of players. I say casually, because both puzzles and combat system of the game was quite simple and straightforward.

You need to press usually only one key to open a puzzle platform or as light as drawers in the correct order. For hardcore player action-adventure game, this puzzle will be felt bland. Some puzzles are very clear way to solve it, but sometimes you need a little twisted brain.

The combat system was quite funny but never became an important part of the game. Here you can find given a key to attack and defend buttons are. Supposedly can be used both tactically, but the best way to an enemy's defeat, to take it for the first time and have always attack until the enemy dies.

In fact, sometimes you need a sign, but to use the only in certain cases. Besides the usual enemies of course you will also need a boss to fight. But I feel the boss is not counted in this game difficult with record boss you know how to attack and exploit their weaknesses.

Map and dungeon design in the game is pretty good. Even if you feel that the city is quite small, but fortunately not in the dungeon. Unlike other mobile games, dungeons was not made in this play can be felt with a broader and non-linear or linear least. You will also not find too many parts of the game that you need to go back to the starting point, only to open the door after the end of the folder / dungeon where very hate to open the key myself.

    Unlike other mobile game Dungeon in this game was made with a wider and non-linear.

Exploring the city are actually quite funny. You can see that the environment was not created in the same level, you will find always a manager or derivatives and various roads rat.

Throughout the day, you are made to wonder how I reached the place, when it seems there is no way ever be. This is where you will be forced through the game, every place to roam and tried a variety of ways, the madly cut by a bomb and hope that something happens.

This is what makes me nostalgic return to the types of games old or less the same pattern with Ocean Horn. There is no such thing as a blue dot lights up in one folder, which will tell you where to turn or waypoint. All you have to figure out, and the journey itself. Although it is quite clear, if you really listened to the story of the game.

Speaking of exploration, the landscape of the Ocean horn consists of islands that you can visit by boat. Such systems are very similar to Windwalker (Zelda), but to be RPG Ni No Kuni fair to use the system more or less similar. As long as on the other island (which is actually not much) you can shoot to destroy some of the obstacles. Each island also has the degree of completion, so you can estimate how much of the rest of the tasks that you have not taken place on the island.

Control is not exactly perfect, but it feels pretty good, although sometimes I am often troubled. For example, if you are cool-asiknya against the enemy, you can not accidentally picked up a pot that happened in your area (rare, but it never happened). That's because there is no different keys for lifting the attack button, all done with a single keystroke.

From the first time the game is started, you will immediately realize that Ocean Horn is a beautiful game. Everything is made with detail, but at the same time not too dense, with things that are not important. This makes Ocean Horn can run pretty smooth, even if played on the iPhone 4S, which is 2 years old. As I said at the top of the dungeon and map design looks even bothered and not accidental. This makes Ocean Horn a game with the best graphics (from the general aspect seen) ever on iPhone & iPad.

For business travelers Ocean Horn clear sound and music are in the top class. This is not surprising considering the big names Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito was behind this game. Nobuo Uematsu is the man behind the great name Final Fantasy, while Kenji Ito is the man. Behind the Saga games and 30 other famous games Ocean Horn music composition and sound to raise them in a position a game that is much more qualified, you are made to dissolve in some scenes of the game is easy to hear the strains of music alone.

Ocean Horn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is at a price of Rp available. 89,000. This is indeed a price that is far above the average game, but remember that you can also play the game with a quality that is far above the average. The story of this game can be achieved over a period of 11-14 hours, but even then it is impossible to achieve 100% completion of the game in any case. This will dibutuh extra time to explore the whole game, so to achieve that 100% completion. This game may not IAP in any form so that Rp. 89,000 that you will spend your last expenditure for this game.

The big question is whether the game is worth the price is Rp. 89,000? Personally, I find the price of Rp. 69,000 is the most appropriate price, but I also realize that as long as I have an iPhone, I have more than Rp.89.000 issued to games that not even need to buy a fourth level of excitement of the game.

    Ocean Horn is a game that is very ambitious and in some ways the game is able to meet my expectations

Ocean Horn is a game that is very ambitious and in some ways the game is able to meet my expectations. But how do you play then you will find that this game feels pity if only had casual gameplay like this. Ocean Horn already solid graphics, great music, map fairly extensive and user interface, which is for mobile devices. The last thing that is needed is a challenging puzzle levels and fight harder.

For you casual gamers who want to try the Ocean Horn midcore then my advice is to buy it and play it to the end in order (considering the gameplay of this game long enough) to really understand the beauty of this game. For those of you that Zelda fans can not stop looking for comparisons and similarities between these two games, then you should skip this game as Ocean Horn without Zelda game Zelda.

animal jam codes for free 6 month membership

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animal jam is a PC game that became the topic of conversation because it made use of the former lead designer of Diablo 2, Stieg Hedlund. But apparently after the beta phase is reached in nearly six months, this game did not have too many players. These off the number of players who reached see only 500 thousand. Although I do not know why this might happen, but certainly the cause is not due to poor quality of the Game. Let me explain about this game.

animal jam brought the genre of side-scrolling action RPG with a primary focus on the combo system. With a history that is pretty good, especially for a web-based game, animal jam codes made one of the best PC game I've ever played coupled. animal jam currently has two playable characters with a combo technique and skill trees are very different.
Combating very funny
animal jam combat system in a very admirable and so far I have not yet think of a web game, is able to offer combat system is so good. For those of you who have never played Elsword Online or clans easily master this game thanks to a similar system. Variation combo available much more or less level with the combo system in Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5. In addition, the fight was also quite challenging due to variations of the various enemies. Bruised and character is constantly die if you just press the same button without trying to dodge or parry the attack when the enemy is attacking easy.

Boss fights are also often requires strategy and patience because all the bosses have an attack that can not be deflected so that you can to attack when the boss is not looking. In addition, there are three different levels of difficulty so that you can challenge yourself to try to monsters that are much stronger fight than you. However, your success is in completing the high difficulty presented with a variety of equipment that is more robust and.
Diablo Ala looting system

Looting system in this game is very similar to Diablo, where one type of goods to specific attributes are different. For example, can have the effect of adding various elements or state the two arms of the same name. That makes all the goods, you should be checked to ensure that the properties of the element, if it does not suit you, because sometimes, you have in spite of armor that a smaller resistance, it could be other attributes that are more meaningful than regeneration or other.
Skill Tree system Ala Diablo (again)

animal jam skill tree system again inspired by Diablo. Well, that is the real skill tree system quite market, especially since the advent of the World of Warcraft. Each character in animal jam has two skill trees, where you are free to choose to be in a skill tree or skills you spread your values ​​in two skill trees to concentrate at once. Available skill tree is not linear, so you still decide which skills you want even if you focus on just one skill tree.
Basic crafting system
Crafting system in animal jam actually quite simple, and like most other PC games where something material that you find by converting the material to a wide range of goods, to be filled with crystals of insufficient material, or ask your friends ,
Crafting is a generic term in the game where you have to create an item from a variety of materials, but in this game is actually crafting an upgrade, in which you have the quality of the goods to improve. Variations upgrade also vary, with some of the things you can (so on from Common to Uncommon, of unusual, rare, and) to increase the value, while others do not. Goods which otherwise can not be increased in value, would be a small increase substantially attribute to usually get the level of protection for the armor and the amount of damage to the weapon.

Once again, my back did not, that this is a PC game. Presents lecture by this game very beautiful and could be compared to a PC or mobile games. This game made me realize that the web game turns out, has grown rapidly and it is possible to create Web-based games are not about building a city-style Travian alone.
The graphics of the game is pretty good, maybe with mobile games like Dungeon Hunter 4. In the case of game audio presented in comparison, the quality is very satisfactory. The sound effects can be heard during the fight was real and great soundtrack will make you comfortable for long play this game.
Prices & IAP

With respect to the IAP, including a very generous Chrono Blade. My own expected from the outset to wait 5 hours to play to 10 minutes, because of having been used up energy, but in fact the energy system in the game is only for the card "challenge" valid. You can search and agricultural materials without the need for non-stop energy continue alias. IAP in this game, a lot of equipment, which you can buy directly in order to obtain high-quality equipment to sell immediately, but you get the attribute that remain the chance.
Although I myself do not like IAP to provide direct assistance, at least the players who do not want to spend money, can still manage non-stop, so that with a little effort you can certainly be difficult, a good selection of equipment and receive. In addition to the crafting system a chance for the players who do not intend to use IAP to get in a position to high-quality equipment is also getting bigger.
animal jam game is a web-based action role-playing game that is playing very beautiful and worth. A very exciting battle system in conjunction with a variety of additional attractive features and IAP system is pretty good, I think, deserves this game, players get more than 500 thousand. Since the game is web-based, you do not need to download anything to play it, so what are you waiting for?
PC Game: Chrono Blade, free

Looting system that is full of random stuff ala Diablo | The combat system uses many variations combo | Graphics and audio to make the eyes and ears comfortable during the game
IAP, which provides high-quality equipment purchase